What a beautiful morning....

So we've had a little time to come down from the emotional high of this morning's silent ride, and I can't help but feel proud of us all. The ride went as perfectly as anyone ever could've imagined.
It was a beautiful thing.

We've estimated that approximately 150 cyclists--including one particularly inspiring handcyclist--came out to honor Sylvia's life; truly an impressive showing.

If anybody who participated in the ride would like to share a reaction with the rest of the "I RIDE FOR" community, please do so in the comments section of this entry. Again, I'd like to say thank you to each and every person who took part in today's events. Together we are incredibly strong, and I think we all felt that this morning.



Jim said...

I was inspired and heartened (after the gratitude and astonishment wore off) by the huge number of people who took the time to be present at this important memorial. It was by no means a "fun" event in the sense that most folks would associate with a bike ride; it was better than that. It was "good," in all the senses I can think of for that word.

Thanks to all of Sylvia's friends for getting us all there.

Haley said...

The ride was ethereal. And I met so many loving people. I'm sure Sylvia would have have loved it. Wouldn't it be nice if we could do something like that every week? Or every month at least? I think that would be beautiful ... even if it wasn't 150 people.

Anonymous said...

Haley, I think that is an outstanding idea. A ride like that a month would continue the beauty of Sylvia's life, and our collective commitment to cycling.

I will be able to take comfort in my memories of Tuesday morning. People came from all over Cleveland to be there, and so many more saw us pass by in procession. Sylvia would be so happy

Al said...

It was a wonderful tho painful morning. Here are a few pix and short video.

Anonymous said...

It was really something to be a part of that ride, an incredible emotional experience of grief and sadness as well as such pride in my neighborhood and community. So many good beautiful people coming together to honor the life of one incredibly good and beautiful young woman.
I did not know Sylvia well at all, yet do feel that the ride was a truly perfect tribute to her and her life here in Cleveland and altogether.
I was in awe of the courage and strength displayed by Alex, Jill and all of Sylvia's close friends. Not everybody would be capable of putting together what you all did for Sylvia. You should be very proud, and I hope the ride brought a little bit of peace to all of you as it did for me and I am sure many others.
- sarah

Shaheen said...

Speaking of every month rides... Critical Mass is the last Friday of every month at 5:30 p.m., meeting up at Public Square downtown. Next one: Tomorrow.

(As you can see, last month's ride was rained out. But tomorrow looks sunny!)

They also have a Facebook page which is more updated.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a little poem after the ride:

Yesterday, as we rode silent
On the cracked and pebbled street
Past broken glass glinting in the early morning sun
I encountered seven blooms lying in the road.
Severed, no doubt by some unexpected wind
or careless motion of a hand.
They must have tumbled to the ground in a moment
Too fast for anyone to catch them.

I wanted to stop and scoop them up, protect them
but I was moving too fast and had passed them in an instant.
As I rode regretfully onward,
A thought entered my mind:
- I am ever learning where I am going, yet still trying to understand where I have been.

Why is it that we pull flowers from the ground when they are at their most beautiful?
That is a question that I have been asking myself as of late.