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This Little Light of Mine
I'm going to let it shine. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine.

Sylvia's smile shines so bright. Anyone who met her knows the glow. Because not everyone who was touched by Sylvia was together this week, to sing under the stars, tell stories by the fire, or laugh about her quirks on the couch, we invite you to use this space to share how she touched your life. A simple story, a conversation remembered, some detail of her crazy outfit, or a recipe she loved, put it all here!


Anonymous said...

you just couldn't help loving the sly smile she'd give you when you said something she agreed with. like, even if it was some mundane decision, and she maybe even only sort of liked it, she'd give you that look that was so nice because it told you that she was behind you the whole time, and thought you were the most clever person in the world for suggesting it. people who can do things like that for other people are exceptionally rare.

Emelio said...

Sylvia made this unbelievable orzo salad one evening, and I could NOT stop eating it. Feta cheese, watercress, some dressing... simple, whipped up in seconds, and so good. she revived it for a larger gathering, and it was such a huge hit (that time, with spicy pepperjack cheese... even better than feta?)... her ability to throw together ingredients into a delicious meal was so impressive. I will learn to cook in her honor

alex nosse said...

That orzo salad was such a hit, in fact, that it had all been eaten up by the time I was done manning the grill that afternoon and I was unable to try any. Recreate it for me, please!

Ayla said...

found this today:

fly free said...

I only met Sylvia twice, both times in June when I was visiting Virginia. She impressed me. She was beautiful in a different way, not a mainstream way. She was unique, and had a flair about her that was not flashy, but more whimsical. She knew her own mind. She spoke when it was required, and thought about her statements prior to making them. She did not say more than was needed. She was frank. She was creative in her dress. She was happy, and seemed to be content in the present moment.

My heart goes out to everyone who knew and loved Sylvia, especially her parents and family, but also her close friends (Jill, Alex, and all). I am sad she is gone. I hold hope that her community of friends will continue to hold one another up and support one another through this tragedy. I hope her memory will inspire work toward the things she held dear and the changes she hoped for in the world and in our culture.

Rosalie (Virge's mom)

Anonymous said...

She was a girl I saw on her bike all the time. I would pass her in Unique. I only met her once. But I was very charmed by her and Alex. She was quiet but very sweet. I was so excited to have met them both and hoped we'd be great friends because we lived in the same neighborhood. I wish I could have gotten to know her like you guys. She had a lot of charisma. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.