These are our shirts. The design, inspired by Sylvia's idea, was a collaborative effort by her friends. On Monday night, Ayla and Alex went to the Oberlin College Silkscreen Studio to print shirts for Tuesday's ride. Thanks to guidance and help from Asa, a senior at Oberlin, they were able to print 200 shirts by hand. Above is Alex holding a freshly printed shirt in the studio and two bikers at Sylvia's house before the ride. We will be printing more "I Ride For" shirts for the next ride on October 17th so be sure to let us know if you would like one. We ride for Sylvia.


Joe Brophy said...

I was unfortunately unable to make the ride but I would be interested in getting a t-shirt. Could someone please e-mail me at martin.brophyAToberlin.edu with the price, who to pay, and what the money is going towards? I'd really appreciate that.
thanks a lot!
Joe Brophy

Victoria Charlotte said...

As I live in California, I wasn't able to make the ride, but I would love a t-shirt as well (and know a couple other people who would want one too). My e-mail is mcbride.vc@gmail.com


Ned said...

I am a friend of Sylvia's Dad and plan to ride with Steve and others on October 17th in Sylvia's honor. I would be thrilled to be wearing the t-shirt at that event and also in the future on my daily bicycle commute from Marin County to San Francisco. Ned White (ned@mccoppin.com)

piera said...

If it is possible I would also love to wear one of Sylvia's shirts on my commute. Could you please email me at pvonglah@macalester.edu and let me know who to pay?

Thanks very much,


marta said...

i just put two and two together. i won't write a note to you on the internet, but email me (martaclare@gmail.com) if you think you might want to get together some time. i'd also like to buy a shirt, please. unfortunately i already had a volunteer commitment in the morning and work at night scheduled for the 17th by the time i found out about this second ride, but know that you'll be on my mind all day. i hope to see you soon.
big, big, big love,

Anonymous said...

hi, i would love to get a tshirt!
please email me if anyone has information about where to get one. i went to the french school with sylvia and knew her mom. i would love to have a shirt. they are great.

-chloe simpson.

Victoria Charlotte said...

... i wasn't able to make the ride in California last weekend, but would still love to get a hold of a shirt. How can I get one?